Foldable e-bikes are a thing !

Foldable e-bikes are a thing !

Have you ever wished you had a more ecologically responsible method of transportation – but aren’t quite ready to switch over to an electric car? Do you find you’re not riding your bike much anymore? Have you considered commuting by bike, but aren’t quite ready for daily mandatory hard exercise in order to get to work? All of these questions and more have one answer, and it’s one that more and more Americans are finding: electric bikes. E-bikes are environmentally conscious, freeing the user from fossil fuel dependence; they are novel, exciting, and very fun; and they fill a crucial transportation gap–distances too far to walk or cycle but close enough that a car isn’t necessary.
E-bikes have been around for over ten years, and are really starting to take hold. Federal and state rules are slowly being adapted to include guidance on where e-Bikes can be ridden, and manufacturers and dealers are working to create industry standards to maximize safety and help maintain harmony in the bike lanes.

The latest technological development in the e-bike world is the integration of sleek looking bikes with folding frames. At ASI, we believe that folding e-bikes are a technology trend that cannot be ignored, for their versatility and easy transport and storage properties beyond the outdoor adventure they offer. We’ve had one model in our fleet since opening last year, and have seen so many of our guests look at it skeptically, but become convinced of its capabilities once they actually tried it.
E-bike functionality and other personal transportation devices can be the ideal companion to your car, SUV, RV, truck, boat, airplane or other primary transportation method. Easy use cases: when you’re on a road trip to visit one or more cities, but don’t want to drive around the destination city getting lost and paying for parking. Or if you travel to a resort, and then don’t want to drive once you’ve arrived. Or if you want to commute to school or work, but not get a serious workout on the way.  In all cases, it’s time to cruise around on your e-bike! A folding e-bike packs compactly in your car and can be carried with you wherever you go, without bike racks or trailers. With a folding e-bike you’re always ready to move quickly and quietly through your chosen environment, having fun and saving the planet while doing it.
To quote Jennifer Finney Boylan of the NY times, “[owning an e-bike] has been life altering, not just making me fitter, but also raising my spirits, getting me out of the house and back into the mountains.” Check out her full article about how her e-bike changed her life.

If you’re still unconvinced, read through this GreenBike article about all the benefits of folding e-bikes.


“A folding electric bike is what happens when you combine two of the most iconic developments in bicycle history into one entity; the ability to fold and the electric motor.

While e-bikes have a lot of advantages over regular bicycles, transporting them can be quite a hassle. The folding mechanism allows you to convert the bike into a more portable package when you are not riding it.” – Greenbike USA

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