A new VR Experience: The Kessler Effect VR Movie

A new VR Experience: The Kessler Effect VR Movie

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) is partnering with ImpulseVR to help launch this innovative concept in VR entertainment.  “The Kessler Effect” is the first title from ImpulseVR, and represents a groundbreaking new kind of immersive media experience.  Starting in early September, ASI will be among a very small group of VR providers in the U.S.A. to offer guests the ability to experience the worldwide release of one of the first interactive VR movies.

“By the middle of the third millennium, people have colonized space and made aliens a part of society. But, unfortunately, people still have no respect for the environment. Set in this new world, the main characters are the crew of a space debris collector ship; they face the challenging mission of saving humanity. The final decision – whom to save, and who is destined to die – is up to the viewer.”

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