A whole new level of virtual reality!

Check our our Flymax attraction at Adventure sports innovation and go hang gliding in a virtual reality

A whole new level of virtual reality!

Have you tried any of the home use virtual reality goggles and apps ? If you’ve liked what you’ve been able to try on your own, what ASI is bringing to Chattanooga will likely leave you speechless. ASI has three virtual reality experiences on their way from a VR simulation developer called Smaaash Labs. In the US., early versions of these devices were available only of the Mall of America, the largest mall in the country. These VR attractions are perfect things to do in Chattanooga on a rainy day!

SMAAASH uses high-end HTC Vive headsets, along with state-of-the-art computers and custom designed software and games. They successfully combine this technology with interactive mechanical elements that truly immerse you into the gaming experience.

Here’s what you can expect:
Finger Coaster
The key is that you design the unique thrill path yourself! In this two part experience game, first you draw the roller coaster ride of your dreams, Add in in twists, drops, rolls and turns, each crazier than the other. The computer renders a 3D version of what you built. Next, you’ll get to put on your VR headsets and take a seat in the motion theater with up to 3 friends, and experience the exciting adventure you’ve just designed!

Experience a virtual hang gliding simulation which gives you the real feeling of hang gliding without the altitude. Strap into the pilot’s harness, hang onto the steering bar, and you will be able to steer your glider through mountains and valleys, enjoying a bird’s eye view of nature. The realistic simulations of swaying, breezes, and audio effects will leave you breathless after your experience of soaring through the skies.

Vertigo -Walk the Plank
“Walk the plank” is a virtual reality simulation that lets you experience walking on a narrow plank hundreds of feet above the ground (while being a few inches above ground). The mission is to walk out on the long plank above the city to rescue a stranded kitty. It’s much harder than it sounds! Most people cannot complete the mission on the first try, as the experience is so realistic.

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