Academic Field Trip

A field trip can be all (and only) about the FUN, or we can incorporate an ACADEMIC component. 

For teachers, we provide an Education Packet that enables them to build lesson plans around some of these concepts. Once students have experienced the thrill of using our products, their imaginations can be further provoked with the science and engineering that has gone into the design and development of these incredible inventions.

The following themes have already been developed for a Middle /  High School audience:

  1. The Technology behind the Adventures: Explore how cool new experiences like our virtual simulators
    of outdoor adventures (or our self- balancing transportation devices) are the result of inspirations, a vision for possible
    uses of existing concepts, a new approach to problem solving, and years of hard work. This theoretical knowledge is
    directly linked to practical applications, e.g. accelerometers and gyroscopes concepts are directly linked to selfbalancing
    equipment (e.g. hoverboards – which do not “hover” but do “self-balance”)
  2. The Coding behind the Adventures: The goal is to inspire STEM oriented students to consider potential careers in the
    field of coding; it is filled with practical examples of how coders impact the world we live in. This interactive session is
    accompanied by fun adventures using innovative technology, such as VR simulators and/or a variety of self-balancing
  3. The Entrepreneurship behind the Adventures: This theme aims to give high school students a glimpse into the complex
    world of entrepreneurs and start-ups: e.g., what are some of the key steps needed when launching a company and
    what are some of the rewards and challenges faced by owners.
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