Group Adventures

Our e-powered devices, virtual simulators of outdoor adventures, or self- balancing wheels offer exciting new experiences for any classroom (or camp group) and encourages innovative thinking for learners of all ages.

Let us share with your class our passion for invention processes , learning how things work, and the spirit of entrepreneurship necessary to bring a product to market.

In this session, ASI briefly introduces some of the key concepts behind our products, and provides references for further exploration of the topics. We encourage our guests to learn more, to think about how things work, and to dream of future potential applications for the same technology. For teachers, we provide an Education Packet that enables you to build lesson plans around some of these concepts. Once your students have experienced the thrill of using our products, spend some time provoking their imaginations even further with the science and engineering that has gone into the design and development of these incredible inventions.

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