Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) Introduces High tech transportation device

inmotion hovershoes in action

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) Introduces High tech transportation device

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) Introduces High tech transportation device

Looking for unique recreation in Chattanooga? The highly anticipated Hovershoes X1 from inMotion are now en route to Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI), expected to arrive by early September. These battery powered skating platforms use gyroscopes and accelerometers to create smooth and fluid motion, similar to hoverboards and e-unicycles, but with a separate platform for each foot.

The design of a pair of interchangeable “shoes” takes personal mobility to a new level with new technology, providing incredible levels flexibility, fluidity and style. Maneuvering them is like being on roller skates; you can easily navigate and weave through tight spaces, carve graceful arcs and turns, and even create acrobatic and dance routines! Hovershoes are lightweight and portable, only weighing 6 pounds each and with a platform measuring 4” by 6”. They can cruise along at speeds of up to 7 mph, with instant acceleration, and a battery range of 7 miles travel distance.

The Hovershoes are expected to be a great addition to ASI’s already impressive fleet of unique personal transportation devices, available for training, rental or sale. We’ve already demo tested a pair during prototype stage, and our team thought these devices will soon be a huge hit! At ASI, Our Adventure Guides can teach you to ride, and even help you master the equipment like a pro, using our customizable Experience Room, with features like obstacle courses, ramps and other challenges. The guides use this room to educate and instruct customers about our devices in a safe environment.

Interested customers can book in advance to ensure they are one of the first to try the X1s. Customers are also encouraged to sample and compare all of the innovative Personal Transportation Devices, including: electric unicycles, e-skateboards, e-scooter boards, and off-road self-balancing boards. Join ASI in our Experience Room for training, and to try our obstacle courses to learn if the Hovershoes are right for you, or find the right type of personal transportation for you.

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