Adventurer From Germany

Adventurer From Germany

Pierre says “ASI has a great selection of new products for me to try”

Pierre is visiting the US on a 3-month work assignment from Germany, based in Manchester TN. He’s trying to experience as many adventures in the area as possible while he’s here! Pierre has tried the local tourist attractions, gone ziplining, rafting, hiking and paddleboarding, and enjoyed everything. However, once he discovered ASI, he has made it his goal to try most of our experiences. He’s taken a sampler class on our Personal Transport Devices, rented a scooter to tour the city, rented a Kymera e-Jet bodyboard, ridden a Schiller water bike, tried all our VR simulators, and gone for a Swincar backcountry driving tour. For his next adventure he’ll learn how to eFoil on our Lift surfboard!

Did you know: ASI members get huge discounts on all our experiences!

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