Adventure Sports Innovation now carries the Enzo eBike for sale. After an exhaustive search, we chose the Enzo as our next model of of portable ebikes, as it seems to represent the best of breed in terms of quality, features and durability, at a reasonable price point for all the features and functionality it delivers. Our first shipment just arrived at our shop, and we have one available for demo rides now as part of our fleet of personal transportation devices.

Adventure Sports Innovation ENZO Ebike fun

 As usual, your ASI team has been doing the heavy research for you to find a product with the right mix of features, functionality, quality build and a committed manufacturer, so that we can recommend a model with no hesitation. Our team are taking test rides today as we write this article, and everyone is enjoying the experience.  It really does feel like a full size bike, even though it’s only got 20 inch tires, and can fold down to a very small package. We like that it’s a fully functional 7 speed pedal bike, but the rider can take advantage of either the throttle control or the pedal assist at any time. We also like that we can easily tone down the power level – this thing can really take off!

Feature rich:
The Enzo eBike can fold down or be re-assembled in less than 30 seconds, has an easily removable battery, has a built in cargo rack, has a built in tire pump in the seat post, has an easy to read digital display, and a retro-type bell (ding!).  It even has glow in the dark paint on most color schemes for night safety and a cool factor.

Design and build quality:
This Class 2 eBike comes with a two year manufacturer warranty.  Design elements include magnesium alloy wheels (no spokes) for strength and durability, a 7-speed Shimano gear hub for smooth control of speed and torque while pedaling.  Enzo has designed this bike to withstand high humidity and moisture levels. While eBikes are not designed to be dunked in water, Enzo’s components are rust-resistant and water resistant. They even offer an optional carbon belt drive instead of a chain with sprockets for those who want a super-quiet ride and to have a fully weatherproof drive system.

The Enzo has a 350w motor, powered by a 36 amp Samsung battery that puts out 376 Watt hours of power. It can power you up steep hills, power your ride for up to 50 miles, and really get you going with quick acceleration. Of course, the rider can use the touch screen to adjust the output to max power and acceleration, or a battery saving level of electric support, or somewhere in between.

Rentals and test rides:
Come check out the two very different styles of foldable eBikes at Adventure Sports Innovation: our P2 model from InMotion and the new Enzo. We rent our bikes and scooters by the hour, and for an Enzo purchase, we’ll apply your full rental price toward your bike purchase!

ASI sells these bikes at the same price as you can buy them online, so you can shop local with confidence that you’re not missing out on a better bargain somewhere else! Current discount pricing is $1,850 for the model with seven gear hub.

For further reading:
For those of you who like to do your own research, here are a few links you may find helpful. Check out the overview, or this review by Really Good E-Bikes, which covers all its features, including durability, safety standards, and Enzo’s innovations such as a tire pump integrated into the seat.

There are tons of “top 10” lists around.  Here are a couple of top 10 lists of the best folding ebikes, one by ReallyGoodEBikes that includes our new Enzo, and one by BikeBerry which features the Inmotion P2, the mini e- bike we already carry here at ASI.

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) has been bringing new innovations for outdoor fun to Chattanooga since 2018, with unique products like the Swincar E-Spider off-road vehicle; a full set of Personal Transportation Devices such electric unicycles, mini-electric bikes and HoverShoes from InMotion, Enzo e-bikesE-Scootersmini-Segways, e-Skateboards and hoverboards for fun around town, and the Lift E-foilKymera e-jet bodyboard, Manta e-SUP and the Schiller waterbike for great times on the water! While you’re at ASI, experience the latest in Virtual Reality to bring the great outdoors inside, the FingerCoaster design-it-yourself rollercoasterFlymax: Extreme Hang gliding simulator, and Vertigo: Walk The Plank! There is nowhere else where you can experience (and buy!) all of these exciting products in one place, with new equipment being introduced all the time. ASI helps make Chattanooga one of the most unique and fun places to live and to visit!

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