When Monna signed up in one of our “Little Vehicle” tour of Chattanooga on a cold damp winter day, we weren’t sure whether she would enjoy it.  Monna let us know that she was on a scouting trip to consider whether to move to Chattanooga in the near future.  She wanted to go on our tour to get a better feel for the city, and also to test out new lifestyle choices for urban mobility.

Lead Adventure Guide Madison helped Monna select our Enzo portable foldable e-Bike for her tour, and it turned out that Monna not only loved this electric bike, but also our beautiful city!  Our “Little Vehicle” tour of Chattanooga is a great alternative to get to know the downtown & north shore areas of the city, as well as a way to see it from a different perspective…Hopefully, Monna will be moving here in the late spring – look for her on a new Enzo e-Bike!

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) has been bringing new innovations for outdoor fun to Chattanooga since 2018, with unique products like the Swincar E-Spider off-road vehicle; a full set of Personal Transportation Devices such electric unicycles, mini-electric bikes and HoverShoes from InMotion, Enzo e-bikesE-Scootersmini-Segways, e-Skateboards and hoverboards for fun around town, and the Lift E-foilKymera e-jet bodyboard, Manta e-SUP and the Schiller waterbike for great times on the water! While you’re at ASI, experience the latest in Virtual Reality to bring the great outdoors inside, the FingerCoaster design-it-yourself rollercoasterFlymax: Extreme Hang gliding simulator, and Vertigo: Walk The Plank! There is nowhere else where you can experience (and buy!) all of these exciting products in one place, with new equipment being introduced all the time. ASI helps make Chattanooga one of the most unique and fun places to live and to visit!

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