Customer Stories: Little Vehicle Tour

Monna with Patrick Molloy and the enzo e-bike

Customer Stories: Little Vehicle Tour

When Monna signed up in one of our “Little Vehicle” tours on a cold damp winter day, we weren’t sure whether she would enjoy the tour.  Monna let us know that she was on a scouting trip to consider whether to move to Chattanooga in the near future.  She wanted to go on our tour to get a better feel for the city, and also to test out new lifestyle choices for urban mobility.

Lead Adventure Guide Madison helped Monna select our Enzo portable foldable e-Bike for her tour, and it turned out that Monna not only loved the bike, but also our beautiful city!  Hopefully, Monna will be moving here in the late spring – look for her on a new Enzo Bike!

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