Do you miss having Adventures?

Our Onean Carver e-surfboard does not require ocean waves to keep it moving. Come to ASI and surf the Tennesse river in a cool new innovative way!

Do you miss having Adventures?

At Adventure Sports Innovation, we often ask our guests “what was your most recent adventure?”  We get answers of all sorts – from heart-pounding activities like flyboarding or skydiving, to enjoying a zipline park recently discovered, or learning to fly a new drone camera.  Of course, our response is generally to challenge them to try something new with us, and add to their “adventure story”.

Nowadays, we’re only communicating with a handful of our customers.  We’re missing hearing great stories, and seeing the excitement as our guests learn to ride a jet bodyboard, to play “hover-hockey”, or rescues our virtual cat for the first time.  We’d love to hear about your adventures while sheltering in place! Send us photos, videos and stories by email (

In the meantime, we encourage you to think about creative adventures you can do now, and to plan for those you can do once we’re all able to move about freely again.  Did you know that planning is half the fun of an adventure?  Almost as much fun as telling stories about them afterwards…  Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

1.  Learn a new skill. How about something off the beaten path, like juggling or performing close up magic tricks?  What about learning to do a proper handstand or cartwheel, or even a new Yoga pose?  Try something beyond your comfort zone, and away from technology for a little while. Adrenaline kicks in when you are getting ready to show off your new skill to friends or family or the camera!!

2. Train for your next adventure.  Most sports and outdoor adventures require a decent level of  physical fitness and/or endurance to fully enjoy them.  Pick a couple of fitness regimens and stick to them for the next 3 weeks – focus on core muscles and overall conditioning; no special equipment needed – lots of sit ups, leg lifts, squat thrusts, jumping jacks, stair climbing, etc.

3.  Plan your post-quarantine adventures!  Where will you go, what will you do?  Mountains, forest, or beach?  Wherever you decide, your Adventure outfitters will be anxiously waiting for your visit!  They’ve been closed or nearly inactive for a month or more of prime season, so they’ll be more than ready to set up your adventure.
– Watch for good travel and lodging deals for regional driving trips.
– Check for availability and make reservations; lots of people will all be looking to get away at the same time!
– For additional activities in Chattanooga, check out Visit Chattanooga Website for ideas.

Don’t forget to make ASI part of your plan!  We have 22 unique adventures, with more always in the works. From eFoiling to water bikes to e-unicycling, our range of ways to get your adrenaline flowing offers something for almost everyone.

If you’re interested to purchase any of our gear for local riding while stuck at home, please give us a call and we can arrange shipping to your home (ask about special pricing!).

Stay Healthy and Safe – we’ll see you soon!

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