Early arrival and delay of E-Surfboards

Our Onean Carver e-surfboard does not require ocean waves to keep it moving. Come to ASI and surf the Tennesse river in a cool new innovative way!

Early arrival and delay of E-Surfboards

With the crazy delays shipping the Swincars from France, you can imagine the worry the Molloys were having given the new E-Surfboards were shipping from both Barcelona, Spain and Malmö, Sweden – but guess what? Some of them arrived…EARLIER than promised, but to the wrong location, while the others have been delayed.

It’s Murphy’s Law, right? ASI ordered the e-surfboards from Onean (Spain) and Radinn (Sweden) in March, expecting a late May delivery. At the time the order was placed, ASI only had a P.O. Box at the Edney Building in the Innovation District. They only received notification of the early arrival of the Onean boards the day before! It was too late to change the delivery address, so…

The next morning, Patrick received a call from a random business owner on the other side of Chattanooga, who had received one of the several boxes that made its way to town early. A smaller box containing a lithium ion battery was mixed in with his large delivery, and lucky for ASI, he was a considerate guy and called Patrick immediately (Thank you!!).

Next, the manager of the company where ASI has the P.O. Box called to say that two large boxes were left in the hallway. Off Patrick went, to retrieve all the boxes from around various parts of town.

While out, a package delivery driver called again, and they still had two more VERY LARGE boxes that they could not leave anywhere, and needed to be delivered. The driver was nice enough to meet Patrick along his route, so Patrick could put them in the back of his truck and bring them home.

When Patrick arrived it was quite clear the Onean boxes were not going to fit in his truck, and the driver kindly followed Patrick all the way home. Once there, they soon realized that the Molloys’ driveway was too steep to back the truck up, so Patrick and Carolina had to push the boxes up their long, steep driveway to be housed in the garage until the storefront was ready.

Meanwhile, the the state of the art G2X Radinn boards from Sweden are delayed by several weeks. The team is working closely with Radinn to ensure the boards arrive as early as possible to Chattanooga so we can start adventuring!

Hear, hear, to early arrivals! Our team is working hard to become experts on these unique boards from Onean! We can’t wait until we’re live to give our community the opportunity to experience Chattanooga with these cool new toys!

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