Fall Break – What will you do?

2 customers riding SWINCARS through the back country of Chattanooga

Fall Break – What will you do?

Looking for cool things to do in Chattanooga this fall break? Try something completely new and different at ASI, where adults, young adults and even kids can find incredible adventures on land, water, or in virtual reality!

Want to experience off-roading around Chattanooga’s backcountry and enjoy the foliage changing? If you haven’t already, come try out our SWINCAR! The Swincar is an electric powered off-road vehicle that mimics the legs of a spider enabling it to handle all types of terrain. The seat, or “pod”, is designed keep the driver vertical at all times, due to gravity, enabling a smoother four-wheel ride…and, by the way, a true four-wheel drive, as the Swincar has 4 motors, one in each wheel. For those who like to know the mechanical details before driving, it has 4 DC brushless motors driven by Lithium iron batteries that generate 4,000 Watt hours of instant on power… Learn to drive a Swincar with our experienced guides, and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, right at the base of Lookout Mountain.

From hovershoes to e-scooterboards, ASI has the perfect personal transport device for you to zoom in and around Chattanooga this fall break! Have you ever gotten the chance to ride an electric unicycle? At ASI we have the Solowheel, a self-balancing electric unicycle that allows you to ride on and off-road… If you are new to self-balancing equipment, try out our Premium Self-Balancing Boards (a.k.a. hoverboards). Most people learn how to use them in a fairly short time, usually, less than 20 min, specially when helped by our expert trainers in our Experience Room. Let us help you pick out the best equipment for you to move around town.

October is the last month of comfortable water temps for e-jet bodyboard and e-surfboard rides!
Come enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather with innovative watercraft. zip around on the Kymera e-bodyboard, the Onean Carver e-surfboard, and the Onean Manta e-SUP. They’re all battery powered so you don’t need ocean waves, another watercraft, or paddling to keep you moving, ether with or against the current. If you prefer a workout, our Schiller Bike is a very stable pontoon boat with pro-grade racing components for a smooth fast ride.
Get in your river adventures before winter comes calling!

Want a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping adventure, that’s accessible to most everyone? Come check out our intense Virtual Reality simulators! Try Flymax, where you experience the feeling of soaring in a hang glider, with a flight plan designed by an extreme hang-gliding pilot. The Finger Coaster lets you draw your own roller coaster track and then ride it in a 4D motion theater. In the Vertigo experience you attempt (?!) to save a kitten stranded on a steel beam 100 stories above the city streets. Will you both make it back to safety? Enjoyed equally by kids and adults, these simulators are a safe way to try an extreme adventure…

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