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What is Adventure Sports Innovation offering now that COVID-19 restrictions have eased?
  • Gear sales, service, and support for all of our products are available at our store .
  • Adventures preferably by appointment – call us at (423) 591-5654 or visit our website to book your adventure.  Walk-in guests welcome when no scheduled activities in progress.
  • Private group events for adults & teens your group gets exclusive usage of the VR Simulators and Experience Room in our storefront.
  • Small groups (up to 6 of adults and 1 teen or 5 adults) in the backcountry where each adult drives his/her own Swincar (electric ATV) while enjoying the beauty of Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center
  • Private or semi-private lessons of Personal Transportation Devices such as mini-Segways, e-unicycles, and Hovershoes.
  • Rentals of a variety of Personal Transportation Devices such as scooters, mini-Segways, e-bikes for teens & adults to explore Chattanooga
  • Private guided tour of Chattanooga using our “Little Vehicles” (scooters, mini-Segways, e-bikes, etc.)
  • Rentals of waterbikes (teens & adults) to enjoy biking on the Tennessee river (up to 4 adults for each type of watercraft)
  • Private and semi-private eFoiling lessons with our eFoil surfboard from Lift.
  • Private lessons on your boat for your small group with our Surf Foil board from Lift.
What measures are you taking in response to COVID-19?

ASI is taking numerous precautions to reduce the potential spread of illnesses such as the Covid-19 coronavirus. We have carefully reviewed materials published from a variety of sources, and are closely following the guidelines set out in the Tennessee Pledge ( for non-contact attraction businesses. This includes but is not limited to:
Thorough daily cleanings of all gear
Disinfect equipment & high traffic areas 
Employees screened upon arrival
Provide disposable hygiene masks for every VR guest
Reservations encouraged and timed entry for participation in activities.
Guests exhibiting flu-like / Covid-19 like symptoms will be asked to leave
Guests requested to use hand sanitizer before their VR experience.


What is Adventure Sports Innovation?
Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) enables consumers to explore and experience innovative gear for outdoor play (land, water, and VR). We create experiences like guided tours, training classes, group events, or gear rentals to let guests try out the latest inventions on the market.  We also sell most of the products we carry, including e-unicycles, scooters, e-surfboards, e-bodyboards, water bikes, and many more!
We also sell the Swincar electric off-road vehicle (both touring fleets and for individuals). We’re Swincar’s  authorized Sales and Service distributor in the USA, with our headquarters located in Chattanooga, TN.
For more information about us click here.
What is Adventure Sports Innovation offering now that COVID-19 restrictions have eased?
  • Gear sales, service, and support for all of our products are available at our store as of May 18, 2020.
  • Adventures by appointment – call us at (423) 591-5654 or visit our website to book your adventure.  (walk-in guests welcome when no scheduled activities in progress.)
  • Private group events for adults & teens (up to 10 people) your group gets exclusive usage of the VR Simulators and Experience Room in our storefront.
  • Small groups (up to 4 of adults and 1 teen or 5 adults) in the backcountry where each adult drives his/her own Swincar (electric ATV) while enjoying the beauty of Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center
  • Private or semi-private lessons of Personal Transportation Devices such as mini-Segways, e-unicycles, and Hovershoes.
  • Rentals of a variety of Personal Transportation Devices such as scooters, mini-Segways, e-bikes for teens & adults to explore Chattanooga 
  • Private guided tour of Chattanooga using our “Little Vehicles” (scooters, mini-Segways, e-bikes, etc.)
  • Rentals of e-jet bodyboards and/or waterbikes (teens & adults) to enjoy biking on the Tennessee river (up to 4 adults for each type of watercraft)
  • Private and semi-private eFoiling lessons with our eFoil surfboard from Lift.
  • Private lessons on your boat for your small group with our Surf Foil board from Lift.
How early should I arrive?

If you have a reservation for a  water experience, please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation. For any VR experience, 10 minutes is sufficient. If you do not have a reservation, we cannot guarantee availability, so wait times may vary.    Reservations can be booked through our website at, or by phone at (423) 591-5654.

What should I wear?

For land activities: comfortable, flexible clothing and closed-toed shoes (excluding some, not all, of the virtual reality machines- ask for specifics). For Swincar, we highly recommend long pants (not shorts).  For water activities, we recommend athletic swimwear, and bringing a change of clothing (we have changing rooms on-premises).

Am I expected to tip my Adventure Guide?

Gratuities are neither expected nor required but are always appreciated. If you’ve had service that’s gone above and beyond your expectations feel free to tip your Adventure Guide directly, or you can ask a staff member to add your contribution to the “Team Tips” jar, or to add-on an e-Tip for your guide with your credit card.  


If you enjoyed your adventure, we love it when you share your feedback with us on social media, such as Facebook, or Trip Advisor!

Do you have community events for e-unicycle (EUC) riders?

Yes, we periodically set up group events for local riders, usually at a nearby park, but we’re open to creative ideas.  We had our first community event riding in local a parade!  


Can I invite others to these events?

Let us know ([email protected])  if you have friends that can ride a EUC that you think we should invite.  If a non-rider wants to join, send them our way for a training class in advance of the date!

Of course, your family and friends are welcome to hang out with us at the park, but we’re NOT planning to give introductory unicycle lessons at this event.

Will there be food/drinks?

ASI will bring a big water cooler and light snacks. For those interested, we may head over to a restaurant nearby for a drink and a bite to eat afterward.

What if I don’t have an e-unicycle?

We’ve got you covered!  If you don’t already own a unicycle, we’ve got a really good price for you to rent a Solowheel Glide 2 rental (and safety gear).  Just $15 for our 90-minute gathering!

Please contact us in advance of the event to arrange rental details (must pay with a credit card to cover damage waiver).

Damage Deposit for Swincar Backcountry Tours

If Swincar Backcountry Tours were booked through a 3rd party, a $250 damage deposit hold  will be required. It will be automatically released by your bank. 

What do your customers say about Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI)?

Our customers have been thoroughly enjoying their adventures!  We receive excellent feedback from our guests about our gear, our experiences, our facility, and our whole business model.  We strive to provide personalized attention to all of our guests, and it’s usually pretty clear that our Adventure Guides Love what they do, and love to help our guests try new experiences.     Don’t just take our word for it – click here for all our reviews across multiple independent platforms (Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook).  


Can I buy gear at your store?

Yes, we sell all the gear offered in our experiences, so that you can “Try before you buy” !! Most of our products can only be purchased in a few locations, or online directly from the manufacturer. You’ll find that our pricing is competitive with any other authorized source, and we bundle in outstanding service and support.


Note that we currently do not offer on-line sales, as we are seeking to personalize the buying experience for these innovative new products, and ensure that our customers make informed decisions, and know how to use and care for their new gear. If you can’t visit us in person, give us a call or drop us an email. We already have customers all over the country seeking our input and buying our products.

How can I purchase a Swincar electric off road vehicle?

ASI is currently the only authorized dealer for the Swincar in the USA. This electric all-terrain vehicle (ATV), which is also known as the Electric All-Terrain Pendular Quadricycle, is available for pickup at our Chattanooga location or can be delivered throughout the country. The Swincar is available as a single-seat model, as a tandem two-seat model, or our mobility model can be equipped with adaptive devices to support those with special needs.



For individuals looking to purchase their own vehicle, we have created a special program to support owners that may be far from our currently available service locations, including initial personalized training sessions, maintenance, and care instructions and videos, on on-going support for owners.


Adventure Sports Innovation is working to build a network of touring fleets around the country, as well as vehicle dealers and service locations. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer or purchasing a fleet of vehicles for your business, we’d be happy to work out the details and help you set up a successful business operation.


We’ll be happy to connect by phone (or call us at (423) 591-5654 or by email ([email protected]) – we love to talk about the Swincars!

How do I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made on our website (use the “Book Now” feature) or calling by 423-591-5654.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards on our main web page (click here), in the Book Now section of our website, or at the storefront. The minimum purchase is $10 and they can be used for Experiences or Gear Purchases.


We also offer Family Adventure Gift Certificates starting at $250. Your family gets an extra bonus of 15% of the value at purchase, valid for Experiences and Group Events. How it works: If you purchase a $300 value Family Certificate, at checkout you pay only $255, that’s a built-in savings of 15%! Click here to purchase.


Can I book private parties or group activities?

We are happy to customize experiences for group events. We offer special packages for Team Building events, for Celebrations, like birthday parties or bachelor/bachelorette parties, and for Field Trips from schools or camps. Adventure Sports Innovation has created unique packages featuring adventures on our innovative gear, as well as specialized content that has delighted every group that has trusted us with their special outing or activity.


Are you celebrating something special? trying to form a deeper team bond? Ask how we can help – we have lots of great ideas! Please call the store (423) 591-5654 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Can Adventure Sports Innovation provide adventures at my property or location?

We are happy to customize experiences for group events, and most of our adventures can be transported and set up at appropriate locations.  The only exception are the Virtual Reality Simulators. 

Are you celebrating something special? trying to form a deeper team bond? Check out our group event pages or ask how we can help – we have lots of great ideas! Please call the store (423) 591-5654 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

What is the Refund Policy?

ASI allows for cancellation with a full refund up until 10-days before your scheduled activity. You can purchase an cancellation insurance for the Swincar Tours that allow you to cancel for full refund up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled tour (instead of standard 10 days) . ASI allows for rescheduling up until 3-days before your scheduled activity. If ASI cancels due to inclement weather or otherwise, rescheduling of activity is at your convenience for up to 12 months. ASI reserves the right to cancel rentals and tours due to inclement weather or product servicing. For sales of products, we offer refunds within 15 days & store credit for 45 days, both assuming the packaging is unopened and the item is unused.


Where is your store located?

Adventure Sports Innovation is located at 191 River Street, on the North Shore of Chattanooga. We’re a one story orange building (yes, the building is “ASI Orange” color!)  We are conveniently located next to Coolidge Park, across from the carousel. There are several parking lots on River St., both to the right and to the left of our store, each one with its own Pay Station (and parking payment is well enforced Monday to Saturday!) . Note that parking is free on Sundays.  

What are your hours of operation?

Our normal hours are:

Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 5:30p.m.

Mon & Tue – By Appointment Only

Special hours for group events available upon request – please call (423)591-5654

Where do I park?

Public parking lots are available surrounding Coolidge Park and Frazier Avenue. Click here to view our parking map.

Do you have showers/changing rooms?

We do have changing rooms and lockers available in our store, as well as a guest restroom.  There are no showers on-site

Do you have lockers for personal items?

Complimentary lockers for wallets, small purses, shoes, and cell phones are available upon request.


Is my activity rain or shine?

Most experiences are rain or shine unless otherwise noted. Anyway, we keep a close eye on weather and would let you know of any changes. You’re always welcome to contact us at [email protected] or call 423-591-5654

What are the minimum required ages, heights, and/or weights for the various activities?

– Virtual reality experiences are great for most ages! We do require a minimum height of 36 inches, and parental supervision for children less than 12 years old.

– Water outdoor experiences (Schiller bike) at ASI are designed for individuals 12 years old and older. The surfboards (lift eFoil ) are for ages 16 and above.

– Personal Transport Device training in our experience room in the shop is designed for ages 9 and older – these younger guests may only participate with parental supervision at all times. Rentals are for riders 10+ years with adult supervision and 16+ otherwise.

– Swincar guided tours are for licensed drivers 18 years and older, 6’5″ tall and 285lbs.

Note: ALL experiences require a signed waiver, with a parent/guardian signature for guests younger than age 18.

Are there weight or age restrictions for Watercrafts?

– For waterbikes, the minimum age is 12 years old and at least 60” tall
– For e-surfboards, the minimum age is 16
– All guests must know how to swim
– Guests must wear the ASI provided personal flotation device at all times while on the water
Weight recommendations:
– Lift eFoil less than 235 lbs.

What training do you provide?

The level of training provided varies based on the activity, but our style is to ensure that our guests receive a very personalized experience, with hands-on training on the equipment you’ll be using, provided by our seasoned Adventure Guides. All participants are provided an Experience Training that includes safety instructions, required protective gear, and detailed user instructions. Beyond that – there’s coaching, guiding, helping, whatever it takes… We teach guests how to get up and ride on a wide variety of equipment, and love to see that special moment when they realize that they’ve got it – up and riding on a new piece of equipment that seemed totally alien just before the lesson started…

Are the adventures safe for my children?

To rent our “Little Vehicles” riders need to: a) Be over 10 years old with adult supervision, b) demonstrate proficiency on the device of your choice for an ASI staff member, c) have a signed waiver (if younger than 18, it has to be signed by a parent or guardian). Equipment rentals must be made by an adult over 18 years old and must use a credit card for payment, which is also used as security in case of loss or damage to our equipment during your rental.

We do have available a couple of kick scooters (non electric) for chidren 5+ with adult supervision. 


What is your cancellation policy?


For Swincar Tours: Credit only (valid for 1 year), no refunds, unless your purchased the cancellation insurance

7 days prior to tour date: Full credit.

6 days up to day before tour date: Full credit less $50 service fee

Day of tour – 50% credit.

 For all other activities/tours:Credit only (valid for 1 year), no refunds

Allows for rescheduling up until 24-hours before your scheduled activity without penalty. 


If ASI cancels due to inclement weather or otherwise, rescheduling of activity is at your convenience for up to 12 months.

Where can I find the activities waiver?

The person making the reservation will receive an email with a link to complete all the waivers that can be accessed and signed online. At the end of the waiver, you will see an option to enter the email(s) of any other participant(s). Hit <send> and they will also get an email with their waivers from the system. Alternatively, you may just forward them the email with the link.

Should there be any issue, you can sign your waiver at our store prior to you adventure. If meeting point is somewhere else (eg. Swincars at Reflection Riding Arboretum), your guide will have paper copies for you to sign.

Please note that we make every effort to have electronic waivers: Save the Trees! 


Do you offer experiences for groups?

YES! We do group events (a group ismore than 5 people with more than a weeks’ notice). We do celebrations, team buildings and academic field trips.


How much will my repair cost?

Repair services are charged at $35/hour + parts. For common problems, we can likely provide you with a free diagnosis and cost estimate within 10-15 minutes of receiving your scooter. For more complex repairs, we may need additional time do to some disassembly in order to provide you with a diagnosis. Your estimate will include the total cost for both parts and labor, and we will proceed with the necessary repairs as soon as you give your authorization..

How long do repairs take?

If we have the necessary replacement parts in stock, we can complete most scooter repairs within the same or next day. If we need to order replacement parts, lead times can range from 2-10 days, depending on the manufacturer and the preferred shipping method. Either way, we’ll keep you updated throughout your scooter repair

Is it worth it to get my scooter repaired?

An e-scooter’s primary wear component is its Lithium-Ion battery, which should last most private owners between 3 and 7 years, based on average riding of up to 2000 miles per year. A new scooter will generally cost between $500 and $1000. if your scooter is less than 5 years old and the battery has a healthy voltage reading, then paying from $30 to $200 for basic repairs to get it up and running is often the most cost-effective way to keep you riding. And of course, throwing out and replacing an otherwise fully functioning device just seems like such a waste! Let us help you get back on the road

Is ASI hiring?

We’re always on the lookout for individuals passionnate about outdoor adventures and innovation. If interested, please send your resume to [email protected] along with a short explanation about why you think you’d be a great asset to our team. Our summer hiring normally starts in the Feb/Mar timeframe.

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