Featured Inventor: Pascal Rambaud

Inventor of the SWINCAR E-SPIDER

Featured Inventor: Pascal Rambaud

Pascal Rambaud is the CEO of SWINCAR, located in Allan, near Montélimar, France.

Originally trained as an architect, he put his work as a mountaineering safety expert on standby, in order to devote himself full-time to developing his inventions and combine his passions of mountaineering and motorsports .

After having filed numerous patents about the prevention of natural risks in the mountains, his first invention in the mobility field was the Driv’up trolley, that sold over 10,000 units around the world. “I was doing kart racing. And in competition, it’s very important to get the fine-tuning right. But you can’t do this on the ground and it needs two to lift a kart.” said Rambaud. In 1993 Rambaud solved this problem and marketed Driv’up, a one-man operated hoist, which became a commercial success.

But the real revolution is the SWINCAR e-Spider. He has been working on the pendulum design that is the core of this vehicle since 2005. His stroke of genius was to design the SWINCAR e-Spider around the concept of a pendulum. “I had the idea while working out how to reconcile the relative advantages of two or four wheels” explains Rambaud. The vehicle has a natural balance and low center of gravity, and while cornering or climbing obstacles the driver’s pod (or nacelle) remains horizontal, delivering a safe and comfortable ride.

The e-Spider’s silent operation, light footprint, and its remarkable versatility are ideal for off-road driving, even for traversing slopes and on steep inclines. The four articulated legs operate with a wide range of movement, and independently absorb the contours and shocks encountered when crossing difficult country. Its batteries have a 4-hour driving range, and the motorized brake recharges the battery during downhill driving, further increasing the battery’s range. Other products now in development are a tandem two-seater model and a remotely operated version.

ASI is proud to be the first company in North America offering rental equipment, tours and sales of the awesome Swincar e-Spider. So come on down to ASI and experience Chattanooga off-road driving in a whole new way!

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