For public school, private school, and home school!

Innovative components that make up parts of our e-unicycle

For public school, private school, and home school!

Back to school at Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) brings a whole new level of fun for middle and high school Chattanoogans!

ASI is now offering “Education Days”- an opportunity for schools to bring their students on a field trip to the storefront, adjacent to Coolidge Park, for a hands-on lesson in innovation and new technology, while experiencing the science behind it.

The land and virtual reality gear housed at ASI use sophisticated technology like gyroscopes, accelerometers, pendulums, and stereoscopic displays, providing students a unique and exciting way to learn about the fast-paced high-tech world.

Education Days can include using and learning about personal transportation devices like the e-unicycle, e-scooterboard, self-balancing boards and e-bikes, which can be tested in the Experience Room with ASI’s Adventure Guides, as well as experiencing our virtual reality simulators, which offer several adventures, such as virtual hang gliding, designing and riding a roller coaster, or walking on a skyscraper under construction in our Vertigo experience. We can provide explanations of the various types of technology driving these experiences, and offer reference packets for teachers looking to put together an interesting research project or lesson plan. These field trips promote team building for the innovators of our future!

Education days are perfect for students ages 9 and older and can be customized based on the size of your group and age of your students.

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