Gear Sales at ASI

Gear Sales at ASI

Our mission at ASI is to introduce new technology in a way that allows our customers to test, learn, and experience it for themselves. Of course, if someone likes a product, we want to help them become an owner! We’re retailers for almost all the products you can experience in our shop and for key safety gear and accessories. We also service all the products we sell!  

We currently do not sell products online, as we want to be a trusted local provider in our community. However, our pricing is competitive with online sources to purchase gear. Visit us in our Chattanooga store for expert advice, finding the right product for you, personalized training and safety instructions, and on-going support for gear owners.

 GEAR SALE:   Our SoloWheel Glide 3 electric unicycle is currently on sale for $899 ($100 off regular pricing).  ASI offers a bundled price for the device plus 2 training classes of $949.  Come in soon to get your while supplies last at this price!

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