Happy Virtual Reality Days Have Arrived

Customers at ASI trying out our Finger Coaster VR simulator

Happy Virtual Reality Days Have Arrived

Virtual Outdoor Adventures have arrived in Chattanooga!

For those following the storyline of launching Adventure Sports Innovation, it would be a shame to not share the remainder of the international shipping “experience” with you. It really came down to the wire and we had to adjust our Grand Opening date due to the latest issues….

Our shipment of VR simulators from SmaaashLabs based in Mumbai, India was supposed to arrive in Chattanooga mid-June. Unfortunately, a three day manufacturing delay caused us to miss loading the containers on our first scheduled U.S. bound boat. After the shipping agent reorganized logistics with the manufacturer, they then advised us that the streets by the factory were too narrow for the truck to come in and load the 40 foot container. Well…ok.
Again, the shipping agent made new plans for two 20-foot containers to be packed, and transferred into the 40 foot container. Naturally, this took extra time, and our items missed the next boat. After all was said and done, our VR equipment was 3-weeks late leaving India.

FINALLY… the container left Mumbai; set to arrive Savannah, Georgia on June 27. This time, when the agent called, it was to let us know the boat ported in Charleston, South Carolina instead. With paperwork for customs in Savannah, and our trucks waiting, the agents tried to reorganize and remove our container in Charleston to truck it to Chattanooga. We had our staff and the forklift ready for delivery the next morning when… you’ve got it, Murphy’s Law decided to go into overdrive… the ship wasn’t in Charleston- it was in Newark, New Jersey!
Ultimately, the ship left Newark and finally arrived in Savannah, GA, where our VR equipment was then trucked to Chattanooga- scheduled to arrive at 6am on July 4. We were ready to accept the container and begin unloading, but fate intervened again, and the shipment did not arrive until July 5th, a few hours after our Ribbon Cutting with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. (Anecdotally, exactly 365 days earlier, on July 5th 2017, our moving truck arrived in Chattanooga! Will there be another milestone next July 5th?)

The Smaaash Labs installers from India arrived to Chattanooga on July 5, working feverishly to ensure our experiences were installed and ready to go with plenty of time before our revised Grand Opening date of July 14
Wow, this has been an experience for sure. But we can tell you that the FingerCoaster, Vertigo and FlyMaxx experiences are quite AWESOME, as family members and staff has been “testing” everything for us—over and over again. Our storefront in coolidge Park is now like a Virtual Reality arcade, but only featuring experiences that simulate outdoor adventures!

Now almost all of our innovative adventure gear has arrived – we’re only pending receipt of our our e-surfboards from Radinn in Sweden. These should be in by the end of July – we can’t wait to introduce you all to these exciting new innovative outdoor activities in Chattanooga!

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