How it All Began..

How it All Began..

Since 2014, Patrick and Carolina Molloy had desired a new path, a career change – to use their talents in the entrepreneurial world and develop a unique business model. In April of 2017, they decided to take the leap, leaving behind their corporate jobs in New York City and move their family to Chattanooga, TN.

They had a vision to create something new, something the outdoor sporting world had not seen in the United States to date. Since the Scenic City has been dubbed “a Playground for Pioneers” by its Gig City group, and has twice been voted as “Best Town Ever”, by Outside magazine, the Molloy’s knew this was the place to launch their dreams.

Since arriving in Chattanooga in July 2017, the Molloy’s have been pounding the pavement documenting all the fun things to do in Chattanooga (having a lot of fun during this research project!). They noticed a lack of innovative sports and gear available locally, and Patrick was planning long distance trips to go try new activities like “zorbing” and “flyboarding”, and the initial concept for ASI started to materialize.

In November of 2017, the Molloy’s began researching various products and bought their first self-balancing boards, known commonly as “hoverboards”. (Patrick’s initial feedback: These are a blast to ride, and were pretty easy to learn – but how can we change this name? These boards all have 2 wheels, and they don’t hover at all!) December was a pivotal month for ASI as it was spent meeting local officials, industry experts and start-up business mentors, to validate their concept and build a solid business plan. They began meeting with Chattanooga SCORE and Tennessee Small Business Development Center mentors, presented to the Co.Lab team and registered for the Co.Starters program starting in January 2018. Also, they incorporated Adventure Sports Innovation, LLC. (ASI). We’re so excited to be bringing more outdoor activities and adventures to Chattanooga!

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