Innovative Watersports starts this week !

Innovative Watersports starts this week !

Adventure Sports Innovation is opening water activities on Friday May 3!  

Sign up early to be among the first to try our incredible new gear.   Try our e-Jet Bodyboards from Kymera, our Pontoon racing bikes from Schiller, our e-SUP from Onean, or, learn how to e-Surf this summer, on either our Carver or Lift eFoil boards!

We ride on the Tennessee River in downtown Chattanooga, launching from under the Market Street Bridge in Coolidge Park.   Reservations are strongly recommended.   You can book your experience using our website at, or by calling us at 423-591-5654.

Learn to e-Surf!
What’s the difference between ASI’s e-Surfboards?

Lift eFoil Board:  An electric powered hydrofoil surfboard that glides effortlessly across or above almost any body of water.  While it takes some effort, it’s relatively easy to learn to ride, with multiple settings to allow riders to use learning mode, controlled mode or wild mode, that takes advantage of the eFoil’s max speed of 25 mph. See why eFoiling is the ultimate watersports experience.
Onean Carver:  With this e-surfboard you’ll be able to surf with no need for waves. You can depend on yourself and your gear, using a wireless remote control to manage your speed to start moving, get up and carve turns. Our Adventure Guides will provide the training needed to get up and ride! Reach speeds of 16 to 19 mph!

What’s it like to e-Surf?

The adrenaline rush that comes with high speed under your control is hard to describe, but you know it when you feel it!  Individual freedom of movement on the water, with no dependence on tow boats, wind or waves for propulsion, is a great feeling.  Pair this with very quiet engine, a relatively fast learning curve, and the thrill of trying something completely new and you’ll be hooked on a new sport!
With the eFoil board, the feeling of flight is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll sense.  While a little trickier to master than the conventional board, most riders get up above surface and fly during their first lesson.

Who can do it?

Surfing candidates are those who already know how to swim, are relatively fit, and within the age and weight ranges described below.  People who have experience surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and/or foiling will quickly be able to master e-Surfing and e-Foiling.   For those with no experience, don’t worry – it’s easy and fun to learn how to e-Surf.

The Carver is a longboard style that’s very stable, and very forgiving of body position as you move from laying down, to kneeling, to standing.  It has a restraining leash and magnet system to prevent runaway boards, and minimize swimming if you fall off.   (Recommended for riders up to 185 lbs.)
The Lift eFoil was specifically designed to be easy to use and fun for all types of levels- from beginners to advanced riders.   ASI uses Lift’s longest board and the 200 Foil wing to make it easy for beginners.  The foil board doesn’t require a leash – once you fall off, the board will only travel a few feet, again to minimize any long swims.    (Recommended for riders up to 235 lbs.)

How does ASI’s e-Surf training work?
We get it, you may be nervous about trying a new “extreme” sport. However, with our expertise and professional instruction, you can rest assured we’ll create a new passion in your life.
On shore instructions and safety briefings will give you the framework you need for your lesson, then we’ll focus most of our time on the water.  Our guides will walk you through the best ways to develop the balance and coordination needed to move from pure beginner to rider.  Our instructors will be on the water with you, to streamline your learning curve, and to make your time fun and exciting and as safe as  possible.
The standard lesson duration for the e-foil is 1.5 hours long, and the Carver is 1 hour.  Longer sessions and combination packages are also available.  Board rentals at discounted pricing are available for guests who’ve taken lessons with us and successfully gotten up on the board.  All students are required to be 16 years plus and to know how to swim. What’s included in the price is as follows: eFoil with fully charged battery, life jacket, helmet, ASI Instructor and watercraft support.

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