Our Little Vehicle Philosophy (a.k.a. Personal Transport Devices, a.k.a. last mile vehicles) is that we want to promote fun and safety at the same time. We stress learning the gear before jumping on to ride, and wearing the right safety gear for the equipment. We have developed training processes that get you up and riding as quickly and safely as possible. We’ve carefully thought about what gear is critical with each type of device.

And most importantly, we’ve thought about the buying experience for personal transportation devices, and want to help you avoid being featured on “Fail Army” videos! Learn to ride at ASI, and avoid that first inevitable fall off the device that people experience when they buy online and have a new technology delivered to their home.  If you buy your gear at ASI, we will generally provided steeply discounted lessons with your purchase.  Even if you buy your self balancing equipment somewhere else, you can come here for training! 

Heads up – look for Little Vehicle riders around town wearing our bright yellow helmets! We talk about street etiquette with our riders, and they’re usually pretty friendly, so say “hello”! They will be in bike lanes where possible, on quiet streets, or on sidewalks when the street has fast moving traffic, and per our Little Vehicle Philosophy they should be having fun and being safe… 

adventure sports innovation little vehicles

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) has been bringing new innovations for outdoor fun to Chattanooga since 2018, with unique products like the Swincar E-Spider off-road vehicle; a full set of Personal Transportation Devices such electric unicycles, mini-electric bikes and HoverShoes from InMotion, Enzo e-bikesE-Scootersmini-Segways, e-Skateboards and hoverboards for fun around town, and the Lift E-foilKymera e-jet bodyboard, Manta e-SUP and the Schiller waterbike for great times on the water! While you’re at ASI, experience the latest in Virtual Reality to bring the great outdoors inside, the FingerCoaster design-it-yourself rollercoasterFlymax: Extreme Hang gliding simulator, and Vertigo: Walk The Plank! There is nowhere else where you can experience (and buy!) all of these exciting products in one place, with new equipment being introduced all the time. ASI helps make Chattanooga one of the most unique and fun places to live and to visit!

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