Kymera E-jet BodyBoard

Kymera E-jet BodyBoard


Kymera E-BodyBoard

Weight: Board + Battery = 46 lbs. Battery is 24 lbs
Dimension: 81in x 32 in x 12 in
Super Durable Roto-Molded Hull (As used in White Water Kayaks)
Surface: HDPE (high density polyethylene) Hull
2,000w Peak 1,000w RMS Brushless Motor (For Nearly Zero Maintenance and silent operation)
Tunable Performance W/ upgrades up to 6KW!
1 hour Average Run Time (Top speed and range will vary with rider weight but we expect 10mph ~15mph TS and 5 ~
6 Mile Range per charge)
Weight limits: Suggested 200lbs ~ 6′ 2″ Max rider for standard length board.
Simple Trigger Throttle Control and Intuitive Lean Steering
Speed: Up to 20 mph (depending on rider size)
Capacity: Battery 1 to 2 hours per charge

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