Swincar E-Spider off-road Vehicle

Swincar E-Spider off-road Vehicle

$109 - $139

Swincar E-Spider off-road

  • Made of machined aluminum and aluminum tubes
  • Joints on large sealed bearings
  • A roll bar (removable for transport)
  • Swivel arms for access and transfer from wheelchair
  • Tilting steering column
  • Steering wheel controls




Length: 1.95m
Width: 1.20m à 1.30m
Height: 1.30m
Empty weight with batteries: 150kg
wheelbase: 1.40m
Ground clearance: Adjustable, standard: 0.25m
Motors: The wheel motors are brushless electric motors made of one-piece forged aluminum where the radii are the cooling fins.

  • 1000W version (rated power); they each deliver a maximum torque of 86Nm at 5tr/min.
  • Reverse gear
  • Speed control by pedal or on steering wheel.

Speed: Maximum speed 35km/h

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