Searching for High Tech Gear

Here at ASI we offer off-roading swincar tour through the back countries of Chattanooga - a cool fun thing to do

Searching for High Tech Gear

How would you start searching for cool, new high tech gear to bring to an outdoor adventure center in the U.S.? Google, of course.

While researching, Patrick and Carolina came across this video by Reuters about a French award-winning electric car that mimics a spider’s movements! Good thing Patrick’s passport was up to date…

In early February 2018, Patrick went on a whirlwind four-day adventure to the South of France -Carolina, would have loved to go with, but the transatlantic flight cost could not be justified. Patrick met with the inventor/manufacturer, and tested the Swincar E-Spider. He saw and experienced it in action. Swincar delivers a complete hydraulically-actuated four-wheel steering. Each wheel of the Swincar has its own electric motor at the end of each suspended arm, meaning that it is true four wheel drive, and each wheel can tilt and extend independently with the driver’s seat in between, allowing the driver to stay upright due to gravity, which like taxes, is a sure thing!

You don’t want to miss this experience! ASI is proud to announce that they have eight Swincars traveling from France to Chattanooga, and ASI is the first importer of the Swincar in the U.S.A. ASI is excited to bring this amazing technology to the Gig City. We expect these Swincar tours to be a popular group activity in Chattanooga, as well as individual rentals, sales and tours!

Having fun with international delivery…

Because the Swincar uses lithium ion batteries, they can ship either by cargo plane, or boat. Shipping these eight Swincars by cargo plane was super expensive, so shipping by sea was the solution. Coordinating door to door logistics has been a learning journey, to say the least.

Originally, the shipment of Swincars was scheduled to leave France on April 27 and arrive in Chattanooga on May 18; however there was a delay manufacturing the cars, as parts were on backorder due to increased demand in Europe. They missed the boat by a week.

Of course, there was a boat the following week, and ASI worked with the logistics transportation company to get the shipment picked up and delivered to the boat. Unfortunately, there was a truckers’ strike in France, which impacted the transport of the Swincars to the boat! The logistics company was finally able to secure a German trucking company to pick up and transport the cars to the boat, but we were now dealing with a week where France had two holidays and thus, more delays!

Well, as of right now, the Swincars left the Port of Le Havre on May 21 (yay!) and barring any delays in customs, the cars should unload in Chattanooga on June 8, allowing us plenty of time to get ready for our grand opening in late June/early July.

Are you ready to enjoy driving this electric off-road vehicle with one of our tour guides? We offer off-road driving experiences – the adrenaline level is up to you or your group!

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