Something for Everyone

Virtual Reality SImulators, Vertigo, FLymax, and FingerCoaster available here at ASI

Something for Everyone

Staying focused on the needs and wants of our customers is a guiding value of ASI. We expect our customers will be outdoor enthusiasts across a broad range of ages and levels of ability, all seeking diversity and excitement to add to their current mix of adventures.

ASI will offer options for daring individuals from 12-112 years old, from e-skateboards and balance boards that don’t require a driver’s license, to high tech off road vehicles (including an accessible model for individuals in a wheelchair), to battery-powered and human-powered gear for skimming over the water. Plus, in our Coolidge Park store location, we’ll have some amazing augmented reality machines, simulating hang gliders, roller coasters and tightrope-walking, for those looking to enjoy a unique experience without the usual physical risks involved.

ASI will continually ask for feedback in our mission to bring in gear that meets the desires of those who visit. We’re always researching – looking for cool products that are on the cutting edge, look like a lot of fun, but can still be used safely. So,what’s on your bucket list?

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