Tandem Swincar Purchase!

Huskies dogs and the Swincar

Tandem Swincar Purchase!

Bill Helman, known by many as the “WooFDriver“, is an animal advocate and outdoorsman who has devoted his life to dogs. Bill has owned huskies for two decades and has developed his own brand of Urban Mushing, incorporating specialized equipment, one-of-a-kind bikes, and his own sense of fun. He calls this “WooFDriving.”

The Huskies with the Swincar

Bill has developed a range of vehicles for Urban Mushing but needed something that would enable him to take another person along with him and his dogs on their adventures. He has previously used a variety of electric recumbent bicycles but also found that they were not capable enough on difficult terrain.

urban mushing
Enter Swincar! We are proud to announce we have delivered to Bill the first Tandem Swincar in the USA, and can’t wait to see how he puts it to great use with his huskies.

You can read more about Bill and Urban Mushing on his website: billhelman.com.

Bill Hellman and his new Swincar Tandem

Interested in buying your own Swincar, or just want to try it for yourself? ASI has a couple of vehicles now in inventory and can custom order as needed! This is the perfect season to take a test ride – SWINTOBER! Come out and experience Chattanooga’s outdoors in a whole new way.

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