Group Adventures

Are you looking to strengthen – or build- the bonds between your team members? Sharing adventures and adrenaline bursts is the best way to build relationships, learn to work better together, and increase productivity.

Below are the various options we offer, as well as the most popular combinations.. You can have a team outing where it’s all about the fun, the excitement, and creating shared experiences or, we can overlay an interactive team building session component leveraging our innovative gear for outdoor play.

All of our team building events are customized to meet your group’s goals, objectives and adventure levels. Once you’ve had a chance to review the options, our management team will meet with you by phone or in person to design the best adventure for you. Please remember that we have limited fleet sizes, and will organize your team to maximize their experience time.

Please contact us to discuss options for snacks, drinks and refreshments.




Pricing can vary significantly depending on adventures selected, timing, group size and customization required for team building content. Group activity pricing can range from $40 to $200 per person. Contact us for a group quote today!

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