The Kessler Effect: Learn More

The Kessler Effect: Learn More

The Kessler Effect, created by Impulse Machine studio, is an interactive adventure movie in which the viewer becomes a character, interacts directly with the actors, and can influence the plot and the ending.

Created and filmed in Russia, The Kessler Effect features live actors rendered into CG form.  The lead role of “Green”, the flight mechanic of the Malachite race, is performed by Yuri Kolokolnikov, who played Styr in the legendary series “Game of Thrones.”

Interactive VR movies are a new product in the sphere of Immersive Digital Art: a symbiosis of cinema art, Computer-Generated art and the latest VR technologies, merged together to create a totally unique viewer experience.  “Now, all existing VR projects can be divided into two parts: VR-games of different types of difficulty, or 360° videos – something like shooting from a camera mounted on the back of an eagle. We tried to create something new, combine a traditional movie and virtual reality, but also we added some interactivity,” says executive producer Vagram Adamyan.

“According to this idea, The Kessler Effect is not just a VR adventure, it is also a serious science fiction story told through unusual art methods. This is the first serious VR project with a cinematic narrative of this scale,” adds Yevgeny Marchenko, the producer of the project.

In the role of Aurora, an artificial intelligence robotic pilot, the viewer must perform tasks like piloting a space bike and docking the spaceship.  The viewer can toggle between different vision modes and interact with objects and characters throughout the movie.

This is a complex and cinematically rich VR film with an interesting plot and multiple possible endings.  Synchronization of all elements by the production team ensures an enjoyable experience for viewers, with no symptoms of dizziness or vertigo in test watching audience.  Movie has not been rated, content is family friendly, but due to the intense nature of the experience, ASI suggests that viewers be at least 9+ years old.

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