The Swincar Tandem is here!

Swincar Tandem

The Swincar Tandem is here!

If you haven’t been on a driving tour with us, this is a great time to book an excursion and get out of the house. Our Swincar Tandem back country tour is a fun and exciting new way to explore nature. Totally silent, powerful and nimble, the Swincar has set a new standard for off-road driving capabilities.  We expect to start our tours up in late May, once our partners are able to re-open their trails.  Come drive one for yourself, or take a tour as the passenger in our new Tandem!

In the picture, Lead Adventure Guides Clark Dunn and Madison Dunlap test drive our new Tandem Swincar, which arrived in mid-march.  We had a lot of fun unboxing it – check the video!   This impressive vehicle got a lot of attention before we had to close our tours for Covid-19, and already made its first trail ride with touring guests (huge grins from the 14 year old passenger!).

In case you’ve been thinking about getting your own Swincar, we’ve just ordered more vehicles.   We’ll have both tandems and single seaters arriving for July pick up in Chattanooga, or delivery around the country.  This shipment is likely to sell out before it even arrives – place your order soon!  Call us for more info at (423) 591-5654

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