We’re Live

Adventure Sports innovation located adjacent to Coolidge park underneath the waling bridge

We’re Live

We’re Live!

Hey there, it’s Patrick, CEO, and Co-Founder of Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI)!

What an incredible journey since we’ve opened our doors here in Northshore Chattanooga!  I can’t believe how much fun we’ve had, talking to people walking in the door, who are looking around and wondering “What is this place, what do you do here?”

After hearing and seeing what ASI brings to the community, the reactions have been fantastic.  When customers learn we’re the only business in the country that offers these types of high-tech adventures in this format, and that we are the first business in the Americas to offer Swincars, well, the guests have been even more excited to be part of this innovative experience. We’re so happy to provide our community with a whole new selection of fun outdoor activities in Chattanooga!

Our first customers have been people seeking different levels of adventure.  We’ve had many guests try our Virtual Reality simulators to get a taste of what we offer, and some of our more adventurous guests have taken lessons on personal transportation devices like electric unicycles and e-scooterboards.  Most of these guests learned quickly and got certified by our staff to check out the gear for rentals. The Kymera jet bodyboard on the Tennessee River has been our most popular water attraction, with guests from ages 12 to over 60 getting out on the water!   And finally, since we’ve opened our Swincar tours on July 19th, we’ve had several amazed and delighted participants who are giving us great reviews (click here to view Get Out Magazine review on Facebook).

Some of our guests have already said they are going to be regular customers, and have asked about a possible membership program!  We’re already working out the details on how our memberships will work, and we’ll let everyone know once it’s available.

People are stopping in front of the store to see the innovative gear featured outside, and get interested and excited- but then when they come inside, they see all we have to offer and their reactions have been “Wait, there’s more?”. Those are the initial reactions I love!  And then “Can I really try this in Chattanooga?” or, “Is this really as fun as it looks?”.

And, what I like even more are our guests’ smiles and comments after their experience! It’s so rewarding to hear statements like “Awesome”, “Amazing” or, my personal favorite, “Radtastic”, coined by one of our brand ambassadors after his first Swincar ride (click here to view guest review on Facebook) .

ASI’s mission is to enable people to experience new  gear for outdoor play in a fun and safe environment. From beginner to mastery trainings, to building of communities of early adopters, to the creation of future sports and competitions, we hope that you can become part of this new way of introducing cool new products to the market.  

We hope to see you soon, so you can see for yourself how ASI showcases innovative gear for water, land and virtual reality…we’re hoping you’ll leave with a big smile on your face too!

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