What’s New at ASI?

What’s New at ASI?

Summer is coming to an end…or is it??  Some schools have started up already and others are about to. The good news: in Chattanooga the warm weather and warm water in the river allows ASI to continue renting our innovative watercrafts and training new riders on our e-surfboards & e-jet bodyboards throughout all of August and even into early October!

Since riders don’t get wet with our Schiller racing pontoon bikes, you can rent those well into the fall or even winter months. Looking for a challenge? How fast can you make it from the Market Street Bridge launch point, around Maclellan island and back? On weekends, we can time your run, and see who’s got the fastest time!

Beyond the water, we’re already working on more innovative options for outdoor play in the fall–and they will be offered at first exclusively to our newsletter subscribers and social media followers, so keep on reading!

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