ATTENTION BOAT OWNERS!  Adventure Sports Innovation now offers the Hydrofoil Surfboard in Chattanooga as part of our watercraft product line up.

Last summer we introduced the brand new eFoil surfboard from Lift – the first company to put an electric hydrofoil board into production. This amazing board introduced us to the new sport of Foiling, or flying above the water’s surface. Having our self-propelled surfboard made the relatively calm waters of the Tennessee river and Chickamauga lake super exciting, and we were able to introduce quite a few people to the sport last summer.  We’ll be starting to offer our lessons and rentals on our eFoil again on Friday May 15 .

What is Foiling? 
A  hydrofoil surfboard is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. This design causes the board to leave the surface of the water at various speeds and weight distribution. A hydrofoil surfboard does not have an electric motor (like an “eFoil” does), so to move it needs surf waves, a wake generated by a watercraft, or be towed by a boat (like a skier), or even behind an eFoil board.

The Lift Hydrofoil Surfboard allows you to lift up and glide over the water; foiling a foot or so above water truly gives you a very different feel than traditional surfing or wakeboarding. This state of the art board features a carbon fiber board and mast, plus multiple size front and rear wings allow riders to configure their board in many ways.  Larger wings make it easier for larger or novice riders to get up surfing and foiling, while smaller wings enable short radius turns, or longer rides away from the tow rope!

ASI has designed training programs just for boat owners in the area!  Our experienced Adventure Guide will join you on your boat for either a lesson using our gear, or for your first day on the water with your own new hydrofoil surfboard in Chattanooga.  During your training session, our guide will help your crew progress from surfing to foiling as quickly and safely as possible!  Note that prior experience waterskiing or wakeboarding makes a significant difference to learn this new sport; most boats or Personal watercraft that can accommodate water-skiers can tow the Lift hydrofoil surfboard also.

Our customers can purchase their Lift surfboard directly through ASI.  If you’re not sure if this sport is right for you, we recommend you first take a lesson with our gear.  A hydrofoil surfboard set up can usually be delivered in less than 5 days!   There are many choices of sizes/styles/colors to choose from.  ASI can help you select the right configuration for your needs, and is pleased to offer the same or better pricing than available on the manufacturer’s website..  We can then set up a training session on your own boat, and we’ll even absorb the shipping fees to Chattanooga.

Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI) has been bringing new innovations for outdoor fun to Chattanooga since 2018, with unique products like the Swincar E-Spider off-road vehicle; a full set of Personal Transportation Devices such electric unicycles, mini-electric bikes and HoverShoes from InMotion, Enzo e-bikesE-Scootersmini-Segways, e-Skateboards and hoverboards for fun around town, and the Lift E-foilKymera e-jet bodyboard, Manta e-SUP and the Schiller waterbike for great times on the water! While you’re at ASI, experience the latest in Virtual Reality to bring the great outdoors inside, the FingerCoaster design-it-yourself rollercoasterFlymax: Extreme Hang gliding simulator, and Vertigo: Walk The Plank! There is nowhere else where you can experience (and buy!) all of these exciting products in one place, with new equipment being introduced all the time. ASI helps make Chattanooga one of the most unique and fun places to live and to visit!

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