Our Mission

Pioneer new technology for outdoor experiences, enabling our community to explore and experience recent inventions and innovations in a fun and safe environment.

Our Vision

Make Chattanooga and Adventure Sports Innovation well known leaders of innovative technology in the world of outdoor adventure sports. We plan to open with wide variety of activities, and will continue to expand product lines as we learn what delights our customers the most.

Our Values

Be Trustworthy
  • Operate at the highest standards of integrity and openness; treating all stakeholders with respect and dignity.
  • Build relationships that allow us to develop user communities of early adopters of innovative technologies.
Be Customer Focused
  • Deliver a unique and exciting customer experience.
  • Create and maintain a diverse, high performing, and service oriented team.
Be Agile
  • Constantly search for innovative products and new ideas.
  • Ensure that our business model enables rapid implementation of new offerings.
Be Safe
  • Be committed to safe operations and be diligent in our safety practices and processes.
  • Promote safe practices among our staff, customers and community.
Be a Good Steward
  • Be good neighbors within the communities where we live, work and play.
  • Promote healthy outdoor activities.
  • Focus on energy efficient, non-polluting technologies and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

Our Concept

Adventure Sports Innovation brings to market the latest inventions and innovations for outdoor experiences, sourced from inventors and manufacturers around the world.

Our initial product lines will include:
Swincar e-Spider
Kymera e-Bodyboard
InMotion Personal Transport Devices
Radinn G2X e- surfboard
Onean Carver and Manta e-Surfboards
Schiller water bike
Virtual Reality Simulators from SmaaashLabs

We will soon update this site with details about our product and service offerings.

Customer Experience

Customers will be able to experience new inventions and prod..


inventor’s Showcase

ASI will establish long lasting partnerships with innovators and inventors, promoting the area..



Industry Catalyst

ASI will work to collaborate with local business leaders to inspire innovation in the adventure sports industry..


Community Building

ASI is excited to provide unique opportunities for Chattanooga residents and visitors to participate in community building..


Our Team

Carolina Eiris Molloy

CFO and co-founder of Adventure Sports Innovation

Experience: Twenty years’ experience as a Management Consultant, as a leader in the Consumer Banking and Payments industries, and with a couple of years working as a partner in a startup company, while always seeking exciting activities for fun outside of my career.


Office 423­-591-5654
Mobile 914­-255-1566

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Patrick J. Molloy

CEO and co-founder of Adventure Sports Innovation

Experience: Thirty years’ experience as innovator and leader in the Financial Services industry, in operations, sales and product management functions, and a lifetime of playing outdoors and trying new sports and adventures.


Office 423­-591-5654
Mobile 914­-255-1567

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Founder’s Video

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