Mini Electric Bike
(P1F & P2)

Mini Electric Bike
(P1F & P2)


Mini Electric Bike


P1F E-Bike Specs


Battery Brand: LG cells
Battery Specifications: 36V (8.7Ah) Lithium
IonMileage: 20-25 mi
Motor Specifications: 350w
Max. Speed: 18.5 mph
Weight: 30 lbs
Max. Load: 265 lbs
Charging Time: 5-6 hours
Body Dimensions: 35*37*18 in
Fold Dimensions: 35*25*7 in
Brake Mode: Front & read dual disc brakes
Front Wheel: 12 in
Rear Wheel: 10 in


P2 E-Bike Specs


Range (P2): 19 miles, 38-43 miles in pedal assist mode
Range (P2F): 50-62 miles, 100-110 miles in pedal assist mode
Max. Speed: 19 mph
Max. Slope: 12 Deg
Motor Power: 350W
Tire: 12″ air-filled front and rear
Folding Frame: Compact and ultra-portable
Brakes: Double Disc, front and rear
Battery (P2): 36V 7.8Ah
Charge Time (P2): ~6.5 hours
Headlight: Brighter, Dual LED
Rear Light: Responsive to braking
Payload Weight Limit: 260 lbs (reduced performance at heavier loads)

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