STEM School Collaboration

STEM school filed trip working on innovative equipment for our electric gear to ride around on in our experience room

STEM School Collaboration

Ken Kranz, FabLab Teacher and Robotics Team Coach of the STEM School, Chattanooga, and 15 students are partnering with Adventure Sports Innovation on a project to help bring innovative sports to the area.

“For us, this is a perfect partnership” said Kranz, “There’s no better way to develop the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow than having them work with real businesses to solve real problems. Working with Adventure Sports Innovation provides a fun way for our students to learn important skills and maybe even start them down a path to a future they never considered.”

Several student groups chose the ASI projects, and will soon begin working on either fabricating ramps, obstacles, and course features to support our advanced training programs for personal transport devices, or working with 360 degree and drone cameras to develop and produce high-quality videos that showcase our products in use in the Chattanooga area. Collaboration and innovation skills are a primary mission of the STEM School, and these projects will give the student excellent opportunities to learn, practice and showcase their team building and innovation skills in a real-world environment, with tangible value to a local business.

“We’re really excited to have the opportunity to work with Ken Kranz and the FabLab team at the STEM school. As a start-up company with many innovative products, ideas and concepts to introduce to Chattanooga, we are very open to getting fresh ideas. This seems like an ideal group of young talented people to help us with our mission.”

This collaboration is a prime example of the Mission Statement for ASI– to pioneer new technology for outdoor experiences, enabling our community to explore and experience recent inventions and innovations in a fun and safe environment.

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