What is Adventure Sports Innovation (ASI)? A pioneer of new technology for outdoor adventures, ASI provides a variety of fun experiences that individuals 12 years old and over can ride, drive, fly, play, or use interactively. The Virtual Reality experiences are available to all 36″ in height and over.
Where is your store located?Located at 191 River Street on the North Shore of Chattanooga. We are conveniently located adjacent to Coolidge Park, across from the carousel. Click here to view our parking map.
What are your hours of operation? Thursday 11:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.
Friday      11:30a.m. to 6:30p.m.
Saturday 11:30a.m. to 7:30p.m.
Sunday   11:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.
Monday  11:30p.m. to 6:00p.m.
We will be opened on
– Wednesday July 3rd from 3 to 7pm
– Thursday July 4th our standard hours of 11:30 to 6pm
Special hours for groups upon request – pls call (423)591-5654

What do our customers say about us?

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Where can I find the activities waiver?The person making the reservation receives an email with a link to complete the waivers online. If more than one party in the reservation, at the end of the waiver,  s/he can include the email(s) of the other participant(s), hit <send> and they will get a  email with their waivers.

Should there be any issue, you can click here to access a pdf of the waiver. Sending back a signed electronic version via email to info@adventuresportsinnovation.com works best.  Alternatively, you may print the form, sign it and send us back a scanned version or a photo of all pages, or bring it with you to hand it before your activity.

Is it safe for my children? While many of our experiences were designed for adults and young adults, adventurous older kids are welcome too!  ASI takes many precautions to make our experiences as safe as possible for all guests, including requiring various safety gear at all times, and providing detailed safety briefings before adventures and training on safe practices.  As with any physical activity, participants are responsible for their own safety, and therefore we have set some minimum ages for key activities.

–  Virtual reality experiences are great for most ages!  We do require a minimum height of 36 inches, and parental supervision for children less than 12 years old.

–  Water outdoor experiences at ASI are designed for individuals 12 years old and older. The lift eFoil is for ages 16 and above.

–  Personal Transport Device training in our experience room are designed for ages 9 and older – younger guests only with parental supervision at all time.

–  Swincar guided tours are for licensed drivers 18 years and older.

Note:  ALL experiences require a signed waiver, with a parent/guardian signature for guests younger than age 18.


Do you offer gift cards? Yes, you can buy gift cards (click here), or  in the In-store section of our homepage,  or at the storefront. The minimum purchase is $10.


What training do you provide?All participants are provided an Experience Training that includes a briefing from staff regarding guidelines for use, required protective gear and detailed user instructions.


Who can rent Personal Transportation Devices (PTDs)?To rent PTDs you need: a) To be over 12yrs, b) Have been certified by ASI on that device, c) Have a signed waiver (if younger than 18, it has to be signed by a parent or guardian) and, d) have a credit card on file.


How do I make a reservation?Reservations can be made on our website (Book Now) or calling 423-591-5654


How early should I arrive?If you have a reservation, please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation. For any VR experience, 10-15 is sufficient. If you do not have a reservation, we cannot guarantee availability, so wait times may vary. 


What should I wear?For land activities: comfortable, flexible clothing and closed toed shoes (excluding some, not all, of the virtual reality machines- ask for specifics). For Swincar, we highly recommend long pants (not shorts).  For water activities, we recommend athletic swimwear, and bringing a change of clothing (we have changing rooms on premises).


Am I expected to tip my Adventure Guide? At Adventure Sports Innovation, gratuities are neither expected nor required, but are always appreciated. If you’ve had service that’s gone above and beyond your expectations feel free to tip your Adventure Guide directly, or you can ask a staff member to add your contribution to the “Team Tips” jar, which is used to fund outings and activities for our staff.  If you enjoyed your adventure, we love when you share your feedback with us on social media, such as Facebook, or Trip Advisor!


Do you have showers/changing rooms?We do have a limited number of changing rooms, there are no showers on-site. 


Do you have lockers for personal items? Lockers for wallets, small purses, shoes, and cell phones are available.


Can I buy gear at your store?Yes. An on-site gift shop also includes selected ASI branded merchandise. 


Where do I park?Public parking lots are available surrounding Coolidge Park and Frazier Avenue. Click here to view our parking map. 


Can I book private parties or group activities?Yes! We offer customized group events, for all types of celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, family gatherings, etc.) as well as corporate outings and team building events. You can call at (426)591-5654 or email us at sales@adventuresportsinnovation.com.  We even offer now special “Glow” parties ! 


Is my activity rain or shine?Most experiences are rain or shine unless otherwise noted. 


What is the Refund Policy?ASI allows for cancellation with a full refund up until 10-days before your scheduled activity. ASI allows for rescheduling up until 3-days before your scheduled activity. If ASI cancels due to inclement weather or otherwise, rescheduling of activity is at your convenience for up to 12 months. ASI reserves the right to cancel rentals and tours due to inclement weather or product servicing. For sales of products, we offer refunds within 15 days & store credit for 45 days, both assuming the packaging is unopened and the item is unused.

Does ASI offer Memberships?Yes!  We have designed three types of membership programs.

1) The Multi-Adventure Membership provides a discount on ALL ASI experiences, trainings and rentals.

2) The Personal Transport Adventure Membership provides discounts on training and rentals of our full line of personal transport devices.

3) The Rent-To-Own PTD Membership provides allows you to rent equipment from ASI at deep discounts, plus it lets you apply part of your rental fees toward the purchase of a select product, such as a Solowheel Glide 3 electric unicycle.

Our Adventure membership programs are designed for those who want to use all or some of ASI’s innovative products on a frequent basis and learn from our expert trainers, while benefiting from discounted pricing on ASI experiences. Benefits include:

40% discounts on membership specific rentals

40% discounts on beginner, intermediate and Masterclass level training

15% discounts on private parties and events

15% Friends and Family discounts for ASI experiences

ASI branded high-quality T-Shirt

Invitations to participate in competitions and meet-ups

Invitations to members-only events, such as demo product testings

Newsletter just for members


Individual memberships start at $30 per month for Multi Adventure, or just $20 per month for Personal Transport memberships.

Discounted membership pricing available for families.

Value: Your membership pays for itself after just 2 experiences per month

Rent-To-Own PTD Membership:

ASI’s rent-to-own Personal Transport Device (PTD) membership program provides very steep discounts on rentals for a one, two or three month time period, allowing you to use and practice on ASI gear, while you save money to purchase your desired product.   If you meet your rental goals, we will apply a portion of your rental fees toward the purchase of a select product, such as a Solowheel Glide 3 electric unicycle.   Costs: Pricing varies depending on desired equipment and time frames.

For more details, please come by our store, or call (423) 591-5654.

Is ASI hiring? Yes! We’re hiring  Adventure Guides and Adventure Specialist:VR  – click on each position name to see the full job description. If interested please send your resume to HR@adventuresportsinnovation.com

Can you come to my property (Lake or Land)?Group sales and tours are handled on in individual basis. Please call the store (423)591-5654 or email us at sales@adventuresportsinnovation.com for more information.

How do I use a Lift eFoil?

– We recommend you start by getting a feel for the board and the hand control by lying down on the board first.

– Once you feel comfortable slowly begin to ride on your knees.

– Once you master riding on your knees feel free to stand up.

– Once standing, get a feel for the ride under your feet. Practice turning and speed variations.

– DO NOT attempt to elevate until you feel comfortable and balanced on the board.

– Once you feel comfortable and balanced on the board while standing, begin to Lift by slowly accelerating and shifting your weight back, touching and going until you get the hang of it and feel balanced.

– We highly recommend you do not tense while you are lifted. The feeling of flight is a foreign experience to most and your initial reaction will be to tense. That is normal, but just relax all your muscles and concentrate on the placement of your feet.

– In order to Lift off the water, you must place your weight on your back foot to allow the board to exit the water, but once it is elevated you need to shift your weight forward to balance the board and fly.

– Remember you need to remain above a certain speed to stay lifted. If you do not add enough speed, you will not lift off the water.

– DO NOT push the throttle all the way down, slowly increase the speed and you will gain enough speed to elevate off the water.

– Maintain a steady speed once elevated.

– Remember, where you look, your body turns and the board will follow. By increasing your speed when lifted, you will turn more seamlessly.

– To stop the board, simply let go of the throttle.

– If you feel you are losing your balance and are going to fall, make your best effort to simply jump away from the board and foil. Do not try to correct. You want to avoid crashing into your equipment and will gradually find an easy way to fall off into the water; it is part of the experience. Just get back on the board and keep riding.


Are there weight or age restrictions for Watercrafts?

– For bodyboards minimum age is 12 years old and at least 58” tall
– For waterbikes minimum age is 12 years old and at least 60” tall
– For e-surfboards, the minimum age is 16
– Guests must know how to swim
– Guests must wear the ASI provided personal flotation device at all times while on the water
Weight recommendations:
– Onean Carver less than 185 lbs.
– Kymera e-jet bodyboard less than 200 lbs.
– Lift eFoil less than 235 lbs.


Do you have community events for e-unicycle (EUC) riders?

Our first event will be on May 23, 2019 at 6:30-8pm, held at Enterprise South Nature Park, 190 Still Hollow Loop, Chattanooga, TN 37416.   We’ll meet at parking lot #4, on the loop road around the perimeter of the park.

Can I invite others to this event?

Let us know (info@adventuresportsinnovation.com)  if you have friends that can ride an EUC that you think we should invite.  If a non-rider wants to join, send them our way for a training class in advance of the date!

Of course, your family and friends are welcome to hang out with us at the park, but we’re NOT planning to giving introductory unicycle lessons at this event.

Will there be food/drinks?

ASI will bring a big water cooler and light snacks. For those interested, we may head over to a restaurant nearby for a drink and a bite to eat afterwards.

What if I don’t have an e-unicycle?

We’ve got you covered!  If you don’t already own a unicycle, we’ve got a really good price for you to rent a Solowheel Glide 2 rental (and safety gear).  Just $15 for our 90 minute gathering!

Please contact us in advance of the event to arrange rental details (must pay with credit card to cover damage waiver).

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