Hear this ASI Guest From San Francisco!

Hear this ASI Guest From San Francisco!


Rich says ASI is “the only place in the country where I can sample personal transportation devices before making a purchase”

Rich and his wife are on a six-month road trip around the USA in their RV. They added Chattanooga as a destination on their journey in order to visit the only training and rental location in the USA for innovative personal transportation devices such as the mini-Segway, the SoloWheel e-unicycle, and InMotion’s Hovershoes. After getting a tour of our unique facility, Rich took two lessons with ASI founder Patrick and was quickly up and riding both devices! Rich became a believer in our training methods and will soon be looking to purchase his own device to bring home to San Francisco, and to keep in his RV for last mile transportation when they park in a new town!

Did you know: ASI is the only retailer in the country providing trainings and lessons on unique transportation devices like self-balance boards and e-unicycles. Come meet our expert staff!

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