The Search for Gear

The Search for Gear

From Orlando to San Francisco and France, Patrick and Carolina have visited manufacturers and inventors, researching high tech gear that they want to bring to the Scenic City.

The highlight in November 2017 was the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo in Orlando – where over 39,000 attendees were able to meet with the developers of the newest and most cutting edge attractions throughout the amusement and entertainment industry. This has sparked many discussions and explorations of possible products, as well as fueled the larger vision for future growth and expansion of the ASI concept.

Meeting with individual inventors and manufacturers was next, along with sampling their products to make sure that they were fun, safe and sustainable – meaning that they were really available, not just prototypes presented in online videos. Commitment levels were high, but tight travel schedules sometimes caused hardships – for example, Patrick was riding the Kymera e-Body Board in 50 degree water in the San Francisco bay during a rainstorm. On the other hand, touring a beautiful vineyard in southern France on the Swincar e-Spider on a picturesque spring day was a memorable experience!

To learn more about a very young industry, Patrick attended the WearRAcon 2018 conference in Arizona where more than 300 attendees from across the world came together to hear cutting-edge presentations and see demonstrations related to exoskeletons and wearable robotics to augment human performance.

After testing out various land and water gear and learning about exciting new products that would be hitting the market in the coming months and years, Contract negotiations and product ordering process began in earnest.

The stage was set for a June 2018 grand opening.

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